Monday, May 28, 2012

A Peaceful Memorial Weekend

We had a pretty quiet holiday weekend.  I did the wash.  I did the dishes.  We baked some thick pork chops.  We made macaroni salad.  We ate pork chops and macaroni salad.  We went to the movies.

Today we took in Dark Shadows today.  On Friday we saw Men in Black.  Neither were as funny as previews had promised.  We were entertained but we didn't laugh out loud.

On Saturday, though, we went to the 3D version of The Avengers.  Now that is a movie!  Hunky men doing insane things -- some in minimal clothing.  A really cool villain -- who was sexy handsome in the mix.  And laugh out loud funny moments.  Just when your brain would tell you, "Oh for pity's sake, the Hulk wouldn't just take out the bad guys -- he would clobber everybody in the room," suddenly Dr. Banner (aka the Hulk) would reach out and punch Captain America across the room.  Yeah! This was the best movie we have seen in ages.  No wonder it has topped the box office for so many weeks.

Hubby is struggling to go to the movies - but he's trying his best.  He parks the car, walks in huffing and puffing -- and I go get the car and bring it to him at the end of the show.  It's a struggle, I can see that clearly, and sometimes he get really grumpy what with the intense pain, but he is trying.  He made the mac salad and baked the pork chops.  I did the clean-up and plating.  He is walking the dogs at least once a day but little Luie is getting pretty antsy because he's just not getting out every day like before. 

We still get up awfully early, usually around 4:30 but if things go well, I manage to get back to sleep around 7 and get in another hour or so.  I haven't had to take a nap since school ended.  I laughed today when the morning news talked about Memorial Day Monday being a bonus day.  Every day is a bonus day from here on out. 


Margaret said...

I'd like to see all those movies! All the students rave about the Avengers, but it didn't sound like my kind of movie. I love the Men in Black series. I used to watch Dark Shadows as a girl, obsessively!! Not getting to movies these days though. :( Glad Hubby is getting around OK and you are doing things!

Donna said...

Bonus days indeed. My hope is that your husband starts feeling better so you can both enjoy retirement to the fullest!