Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's strange to have this interior feeling that I need to be doing something worthwhile -- something that I don't HAVE to do but should do anyway.  I was smart enough to realized I needed to take chores small bits at a time or I would be overwhelmed by all the stuff we hadn't gotten to in the last six years (or more).  Yesterday I ignored these feelings and read a book.   It was a silly little mystery that I'd had on my Kindle for over a year (something I downloaded really cheap) but I did enjoy it.  I also read the daily paper (sometimes I let them pile in stacks on the Kindle -- maybe a week or more before I get through them, but currently I'm keeping up day to day) and I started the new John Irving novel (one of my favorite authors).  His last, the saw mill novel, was the first Irving I've not been able to read cover to cover.  This new one, however, is much more back to Irving style and I'm growing more enthused with every page. 

I have also been reading email and accessing Facebook more than at any time in my life.  I'm beginning to see the addiction to Facebook.  You can actually find out what people are doing real time and NOT talk to them (even Hubby, I recently discovered). 

We are taking the PC in for service this afternoon.  It's slowed to a horrible crawl -- and I think that the Windows operating system may be damaged slightly and it probably has viruses hidden in its depths.  Plus we NEED to figure out how to finally go wireless.  The PC was really limping at the end of the school year, but at least it hung on until I had all the awards for the end of school designed and printed (148 awards were printed).  Publisher, only available on a PC, is really great for massive print jobs.  The MAC programs, unless hideously expensive, not so much. 

Today I cleaned a corner of the bathroom.  Just one little entrance corner.  Down on my knees, I discovered just how vulnerable this arthritic body really is.  Thank god I had the vanity on one side and the tub on the other to help me get back up.  I don't think the boys (Gus and Luie) would have been much help if I had gotten stuck on the floor.  The kneeling for more than ten minutes is really painful. 

I think I've satisfied my ambition to do something worthwhile today.  Now it's just average chores -- unload the dishwasher, fix lunch / dinner, feed the dogs, watch some TV, read a bit more of the Irving book, scan the newspaper (especially the obits -- does that tell just HOW old we've gotten?), and unhook the PC for repair.

Lordy, this blog is really going to get boring!  I may have to start inventing stories. 


Donna said...

Not boring. I wish you could see the things I go through when I'm down on the floor: rolling and kicking and grumbling. It's a sight.

Margaret said...

I never find reading about people's ordinary lives boring. I love boring. I want it back!!