Monday, January 19, 2009


Things got put off during the Christmas vacation mostly because we were in Houston and I came home really sick. I spent New Year's week in bed moaning.

I still cough a lot but today I got up and thought, "Need a hair cut." So off I went to Fantastic Sam's which does a darned fine cut for a pittance. I thought it odd that the only two working the shop today were both African-American women -- after all this is the official Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday Monday. So the white people took off?

However, my stylist was one of the African-American women and she understands my needs perfectly. The hair cut came out just fine.

The I strolled over to the local grocery and did MY kind of grocery shopping. Hubby does most of the shopping for us because he's the cook. But at least once a week we have a kind of free night around here and we each eat stuff we like that the other doesn't. That's what I stock up on about every three months. Mine choice is always convenience food. I like Stouffer's frozen dinners a lot. I won't go to the effort of making stuffed green peppers but I like to eat them. Their creamed chipped beef poured over rice is just about the best thing ever! They have some great sides (apples, potatoes, macaroni and cheese) that make grand dinners for one all by themselves. Add some bread for a salad and the dinner is great. I like cereal. Hubby doesn't eat anything but corn flakes which is so boring, why bother? Grape nuts, oatmeal, rice krispies are all yummy for dinner -- or a late night snack. So I loaded up on the stuff I like -- process cheese in a can (don't judge) and Ritz crackers. And because a Houston friend make me one of the finest drinks I've ever had -- just very expensive gin and good tonic, I bought some less expensive (but still high quality stuff -- Tanqueray) and a small six-pack of tonic bottles.

Hubby shops for $30 a pop. My bill -- no meat but lots of frozen dinners, some exotic spices, and the gin came to $130. Only a hundred bucks more. I don't think I'm going to confess to him how much I spent. I'll just admit to the two baking potatoes and the ginger I got to marinating tonight's steaks.

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