Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Luie

Luie is nearing the one year mark (in age -- he's been our puppy since the first of August -- five months & counting) and he is clearly growing up. He's definitely still very active and he still wants to taste everything he meets, but he no longer tries to chew it all up and then spit it out. His potty habits have much improved and if his mama and papa pay attention to him, he never has indoor accidents.

He traveled with us to Branson at Thanksgiving and was far better in the car than on his initial trip from Tulsa to here. He even did well in the motel. The Houston road trip -- 14 hours in a car to and 14 back home -- was almost idyllic.

In Houston he was the perfect gentleman, though Auntie Wendy was not noticeably impressed with his exuberance. Still, he behaved perfectly in her home and listened and responded positively to all commands. We were very, very proud of him.

He grows daily in my heart. He is simply the most endearing little fellow -- all legs and hugs and kisses and good humor. He tries so hard to be the life of every party. He loves people. He loves to play. He teases Gus unmercifully but listens when Gus finally announces he's had just enough.

My heart continues to heal as Luie curls up next to what ever body part he can latch on to and gently snores the night away.


snugpug said...

Luie is now Rupert's official SuperHero. A dog who can open Tupperware lids! Unzip dinner bags! We're sorry your eyes don't work too good, Luie, but the Universe more than made good for that by giving you superpowers.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! I guess did you leave him in the hotel room when you guys went to see Branson shows and stuff?? I have two schnauzers as well who are very dear to me!