Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News of Luie

The thing about not updating regularly is that when you do finally get around to writing you have sooooooo many things you could write about and you haven't been writing because you really are tired and short of time . . . but now I have really, really good news to share, so a long entry will still have to wait.

When we first took Luie to the ophthalmologist to have his poor, damaged eye consult, they warned us that his eye pressure was so high that we would eventually have to remove his eyes -- probably both eyes. The small eye is totally blind we are assured -- even today.

But the other eye, which once had been so badly ulcerated and had such high pressure from cataracts was voted "vastly improved" this morning. The pressure in the eye is normal. The ulceration is completely gone.

We have notice quite consistently that Luie is seeing things. He knows when I'm approaching the car after school. He's always up in the window looking for me and he recognizes me even before I get to the car -- he frantically paws the window until I can give him a pat. He knows me from other people, too, who might approach the car. He knows when we turn the corner onto our street. He barks when he sees big dogs walking near the car.

He still does not chase balls or things that we throw. If you throw a toy for him, he will stand and continue to look at your hand where the toy used to be. If he's lucky, Gussie will chase the toy and then Luie will follow.

We have been paying quite a hefty sum just to walk into the ophthalmologist's office ($140 each visit -- and that's if they don't medicate) every month. Today we were told to come back in six months. Luie is doing just fine.

How joyous for our little boy! I ulcerated my eyes once over-wearing contacts back in the early days of their use. I remember that I was bed-ridden for the duration. I couldn't open my eyes because of the pain. How Luie tolerated such pain, probably for most of his life, is beyond me.

Hubby has dutifully been dosing Luie with two kinds of drops (one fairly cheap, one pretty pricey) twice a day since September after our first appointment with the eye doc. Today we learned we only need to continue using the cheap medicine, still twice a day, but Luie doesn't mind it (or any eye drops actually) at all. He knows that treats follow the drops so he runs to his pop every morning and night, looking for the full "treatment."

Luie's news is a real blessing. He is seeing -- maybe limited sight, but "vastly improved" sight. And he is not in pain. And it will be another six months before we have to worry about him again. Blessings all around!

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Hooray for Luie!