Monday, December 01, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went to Branson, Missouri, ate at the cheap buffets, took in two shows, shopped till we dropped (not long for either of us anymore) and had a delightful time.

The boys traveled well. This was Luie's first big trip and we took our little Aurora instead of renting a big car. Gus had the hardest time because some of the trip he was stuck in the backseat with Luie, who like any respectable one year old needed constant attention. Gus was forced to bite and growl and wrestle until he would poop out and finally bar his teeth and snarl in a "get off me, you dolt" tone, forcing Luie into submission.

We did a heap of shopping but very little for anyone other than me. I got a whole new set of clothes to wear to school, three watches, two rings, a Christmas pin, and a packet of fudge. And 14 new pairs of socks! Hubby got a couple of books. We got the Houston crowd some knick-knacks as stocking stuffers. The big outlet mall was open on Thanksgiving from noon to 6 p.m. and the smaller mall opened at midnight on Thanksgiving day. Both malls were jammed packed.

We saw two shows, one far superior than the other. Six brothers who make their own instrumental music and sing a-cappella a wide variety of music have a new show called, of course, SIX. We loved every minute of it. The other show, "Red, White, and Blue" was a variety type performed by seven of the younger dancers / singers of the really big shows (Williams, the show boat, etc.).

We got in to Branson on Wednesday afternoon and came home Saturday afternoon, feeling rested and happy. We were glad to have had a vacation.

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