Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Beautiful School

I teach in a grand building -- epic in scale, amazing in detail. Because it's on the historic register the building is in lovely repair and the architectural sense of it is kept pure.

At Christmas time the maintenance staff stock up on logs and burn fires every morning in the huge fireplaces built at both ends of the main entry / reception hall. In the center of the hall, students erect and decorate a bulldog Christmas tree.

This Christmas as the students entered through metal detectors (we still pay homage to modern safety) and went through to the reception hall, both the band and the choir were there greeting them with seasonal music. It was GREAT!

On Friday we had a party in my classroom -- a spaghetti lunch for third block who had met their commitments for the class with flying colors and actually finished their novel the day before. We also had a gift giving -- hubby made the spaghetti and assembled gift bags for every teen. Because Christmas is on Thursday this year, the kids were saying that most families were celebrating after Christmas - when they had paychecks.

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