Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Miracle?????

On Wednesday I came home, settled in at my computer desk with my $149 text book, and accessed the on-line final for my graduate course. About three hours into it, I suddenly realized I really didn't give a flying fig whether I passed or not, quit researching every question carefully, declined to edit the final answers (on one of the matching questions I entered E twice and thus missed every one of the items), blasted out the essay answers and submitted the darned thing.

Because the program will not grade the essay answers -- but counts them wrong until the professor does -- my score came back as a 73% correct. That's a C folks. A low C. Going into the final I had managed to eke up my essay / test/ discussion grades to a 91% of the points allotted - so I figured even if I got a C on the final, I'd get a low B in the class. That's enough for credit -- so I resigned myself, actually quite happily, to blowing my 18 hours of 4.0.

Imagine my surprise when I accessed my grades tonight to discover that I actually got a 96 on the final -- and thus managed to, just barely, maintain my A for the course -- and keep my beautiful 4.0 grade point going for another three hours.

Huge sigh of relief: class is over for this semester, I'm taking a break next semester and working on curriculum development, and my nights for the next semester can be devoted to doing the wash, reading good books, watching bad TV, and playing computer games. Now that's a sweet Christmas gift!

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snugpug said...

Congratulations on your A. And happy holidays to you and the boys.