Saturday, December 06, 2008

Midnight Snack

As I get older (and older), I don't sleep so very well. Things that wake me up include: trips (multiple) to the bathroom, night sweats, the need to turn over and a bad back and very sore hips and knees which require the correct support to move them, and two doggies that insist on lying lengthwise in the middle of the bed thus pushing the humans to the far edges. This year I've added in the fact that I get home from school so exhausted that I can't stay awake beyond 6 p.m. so by midnight I've already had six hours of sleep.

Thus tonight I sit here in my computer room at 12:45 with a huge container of reheated Mongolian beef from the best Chinese restaurant in the city before me, a diet coke, and a fork -- ready to dive in.

Sometimes it's good to have interrupted sleep.


snugpug said...

Ah, that infamous lengthwise across the middle of the bed move. It's amazing how much room a little Schnauzer can take up when it's determined to do so.

The beef looks yummy. You're making me hungry.

snugpug said...

It is all your fault. Ever since I saw the picture of the Mongolian beef a few days ago, I've wanted some. Last night, L asked if I wanted to snack on something as he headed into the kitchen. He thought he'd be fetching me the usual -- some fruit maybe, or yogurt. "Mongolian beef," I told him straightaway. He started to laugh. Next time I throw him a curve ball like that, he said, I should make sure there's a cow in the fridge.

My next day off is Friday. I'm going to have to go grocery shopping and on the list will be the ingredients for Mongolian beef. I'm going to have to cook my own to satisfy my craving.