Saturday, April 27, 2013

Shklik! on Everything!

Things that are pissing me off right now:

Rain - Sleet - Snow.  Perpetual rain.  Mixed with sleet and sometimes snow.  This is the end of April.  Weather, what kind of confused are you right now?  This is not Colorado or Seattle or mountain country. In the Midwest we get spring!  Did you hear me clearlyS P R I N G!  That means sunshine, blooming trees, sprouting plants, green grass, blue skies.  Not slush on the highway and huge puddles of cold sloppy water in the park.  Not! NOT! N O T!

Headache.  This is day five of the unending left side of my head pounding away, almost to the point where I can't keep my eyes open because it hurts just too much.  I'm living on Vanquish (my favorite form of aspirin) to the point where I'm sick to my stomach with it and my ears are ringing and still there is no relief in sight.  Maybe if the rain-sleet-snow would stop and the humidity levels would decrease, the pain threshold would lower.  Until then I'm suffering something fierce.  I can't read or watch TV or sit at the computer for any length of time because my headache only worsens when I use my eyes.  I'm cranky, I can't sleep, and I hurt!  Things are uneasy in my household.

Bad news reporting.  Why can't we trust reporters anymore?  And why do they keep repeating the same old stories over and over and over?  Why did CNN report that the Boston bomber was a dark-skinned man.  Why were two pictures repeatedly shown of innocent bystanders while reporting they were the bombers?  How many times can Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan give the same story in a 24 hour period?  (Aside -- when you can't watch TV because your head hurts too much, you often find yourself listening to TV -- like we once listened to the radio).

People Magazine.  Really, People -- Gwyneth Paltrow as the most beautiful woman in the world?  Maybe the skinniest woman, other than Angelina Jolie -- both look like they have match sticks for limbs.  Then Gwyneth spends nearly the entire article explaining that her life revolves around working out, which is SO HARD on her.  And just wears her out.  All the pictures of the woman are showing off legs -- miles and miles of toned, slim thighs in white shorts.  What 40 year old woman with two kids and a real job looks like that?  This is the woman who advised the rest of us on how to spend a quarter million dollars for a new spring wardrobe and she advertises string bikinis for babies.  Pitooie on her!

Dryers.  My dryer timer went out and now I have to be around to turn off the dryer manually.  I know this is small potatoes but the dryer is in the basement, down a long flight of 15 steep stairs.  If I don't go down physically and turn the dryer off, it runs all day and all night (I found this out the hard way).  You can't leave the house with the dryer on, you can't go to bed and think you'll pull out the fluffy but cool towels in the morning.  And I'm too cheap to just go buy a new one when the dyer itself still dries clothes.  If I were doing diapers or loads of clothing for children, then I might consider the purchase, but right now I have to be the machine part that makes the dryer start and stop.  I bet Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't even DO her own laundry.

I think if the headache would only stop (which means if the weather would just clear up) I wouldn't be in such a pissy mood.  Until that happens SHKLIK (which according to the web means head popping off of body) to the whole world! 


Margaret said...

That horrible headache needs to go away and then (I suspect) the other stuff won't be as annoying. I agree with you about the rich and famous; they are NO role models for how to live a real life. Hate to tell you, but it's been sunny and warm in Seattle for the past week(70 degrees) and we barely got any snow this past winter. We have a pretty mild climate here and not as much rain as people think, although too many gray days. :)

snugpug said...

A five-day headache can't be just a headache. Did you get it checked out? Take care and feel better.

Hanz T. said...

I've been having a similar headache since before Christmas 2013. It occurs literally almost everyday. And it occurs more than once in one day. Only the left side of the head hurts. The right side never hurts. I've done ct scan and blood check and all came back normal. Let me know if you have figured our something about the headache. Thanks!