Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beautiful Pictures to Help You Feel the Joy of Spring

I'm feeling all shriveled up and dry inside; having a hard time feeling perky.  Can't think of a thing to put on this old blog. However I clicked on one of my favorite bloggers, simply because his photos are just so lovely (and sometimes funny) and came across these shots of Northeast Kansas City in the springtime.  Might make you wish you were here.  

David Remley -- Hyperblogal

Of course we don't live in any house similar to these and we have no flowering trees in our yard.  However today the lawn men came for the first time this spring and mowed down the sparse grass both front and back and cut down the weeds -- so the house is looking much neater at the moment (at least on the outside).

Soon we will don our swimsuits and head out to the Brookside Rehab / Spa for our afternoon water aerobics.  Then I meet my mentee from last year -- she's a second year teacher now and doing a spectacular job meeting the challenges of an urban school with a huge minority population (at last count I heard we had 200 SPED students and 400+ ESL).

The wind is blowing strong today but the sun in shining and the sky is blue.  The temps are in the lower 70's.  Maybe spring will stay around now and my spirits will lift.

Enjoy David's wonderful photos of Kansas City just south of the Missouri River.  

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Margaret said...

Are you feeling OK? Have you been to the doc? Hope that the blues will lift and that the lovely spring weather will continue. We've had sun, clouds, rain and hail today, as well as some thunder and lightning.