Tuesday, April 02, 2013

April Means Taxes

Hubby took over doing our taxes by TurboTax in 2006.  However we could never file electronically because my name was different on my social security card, my W2 forms, and my tax returns.  We could never figure out exactly who had which name so we always filed a paper copy.  I couldn't even file for social security but had to go to the actual offices where they determined I had another form of the name - and they used that for both social security checks and Medicare.  The IRS and social security all use my married last name but then they get all confused and use various forms of my first name, my middle name, and my maiden name in combination with my accepted last name.  Personally, I think since all the name forms are connected to my one social security number, it shouldn't prove to be such a problem, but that's the IRS for you.

Anyway, after Hubby began having heart problems we just tossed up our hands and we didn't file for 2010 and 2011.  We knew it would catch up with us eventually and it was better to be proactive about it, so after the pacemaker was installed and Hubby began feeling better, he once again took charge.  By then we were also having a problem with 2009's return.

Hubby began in early February meeting with an accounting office and today we electronically filed the last of four years of tax returns and were notified electronically that the IRS had accepted 2012's return.  In the middle of all this we were notified that two of the returns had NOT been accepted because the name filed did not match the IRS social security identify for me.  It took two days of work and numerous calls to the IRS but today we got that part straightened out.

For some years we get back a little pile of money and some years we need to pay.  Missouri and Kansas state taxes get the biggest windfall from us.  The Feds owe us the most money.  We needn't worry, though, because, in the long run it all balances out and we come out pretty even.  Frankly, that's about as good as it gets when paying taxes. 

We owed a "hunk-a-hunk-a" change to the accountants and Hubby spent an enormous amount of time gathering materials and going to meetings.  I only had to go in twice to the accountants, both times to sign things or write checks for payment of services.  I got off really easy and now we are all caught up -- with two states, the city, and the Feds. 

Hubby made the final mailing yesterday.  Today we met for a correction of my name through electronic signature and a final accounting with the accountants and we are done.  What a blessed relief to have filed three years of tax forms and amended one.  And it's not even April 15th yet.


Margaret said...

I,'ve always hated tax time because Patt's taxes were so complicated and expensive. Much simpler now and I got a couple thousand back. Small comfort.

Donna said...

Our taxes are SO easy. Sometimes it's a blessing not being rich, and not having complicated investments.