Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday 40 Years Ago

Joining a community choir led me to meet Hubby who was the director.  I joined in October of 1972.  We danced around each other all fall and winter until it was Easter.  He had agreed to direct and sing for a local church and a bunch of us from the choir agreed to tag along with him, adding support to the music.

We rehearsed on the Wednesday evening before Easter.  Afterwards a bunch of us -- all women and hubby -- went downtown to the local Hilton by the Missouri River and had cocktails and danced.  Hubby only danced with me -- consequently I was the only woman dancing.  My friends were shocked. 

On Maundy Thursday he met me at my church for the communication service.  The church was aghast.  Afterwards we went out to dinner.  Then we came home and made out on my parents couch.  They were in Colorado, having left to spend six months in their summer home.  They would have been (and later were) horrified. 

Around midnight Hubby made his departure but wasn't gone more than an hour when he called me and said he wanted to come back and just cuddle and so he did and we did.  After sharing breakfast I said I'd cook him dinner that evening if he wanted to drop by.

Forty years later and he hasn't gone home yet.  Now that's the real shocker!



Donna said...

There's nothing better than a good, true-to-life love story. Thanks!

Margaret said...

Wonderful!! Obviously there was a connection and spark--that is still there after 40 years. xoxo

Anonymous said...