Thursday, March 14, 2013

Four Straight!

We're doing it -- and regularly. 

Hubby went to see his PT trainer who told him that water aerobics three times a week was his ticket to improved strength and energy. 

He came home to announce, emphatically, "WE ARE GOING" and going we have been. 

As a real water baby I love getting into the pool -- it's just sometimes hard to get me motivated to leave home and GO to the pool.  Hubby loves leaving home, it's just that getting wet is not really his thing.  We are encouraging each other in this instance.  He gets me into the car and to the Health Center and I get him into the dressing rooms and from there to the pool.

I've only encountered two problems.  One -- Hubby used to walk the dogs at night and I'd do the morning shift which included longer walks in the park.  Now Hubby takes us to the park in the early morning hours AND after water aerobics so I end up walking the boys twice daily, instead of just once.  The dogs love it but I'm feeling "put upon."  Two -- Hubby comes home from aerobics hungry and wants "real food."  Canned pears or cereal isn't going to cut it.  We eat our main meal around 1 p.m. which means that I'm now fixing two major meals every day. He's fine with tuna fish salad in the evening -- but I used to be able to make tuna salad a main meal.  Now it's relegated to supper. I'm chopping my way into carpel tunnel.   

It's good we're exercising regularly.  I love being able to afford a well-kept pool membership with good quality aerobics instruction as part of the package.  Now I need a dog-walking team and a cook.  

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Margaret said...

Such a healthy exercise. I'm with hubby though. I don't like the water very much.