Saturday, March 23, 2013

MeMe -- or memememe. . . meme

The title -- isn't that the sound singers make when warming up?  I'm not a fan of meme's really, but as I sit here with the snow pouring down and creating huge drifts outside our windows and doors, I'm reduced to answering questions about myself and being "all self-indulgent."  This meme didn't seem too bad . . . not that I think anybody is really interested in my answers but I did have to think a bit to come up with a response.

Have any memories you'd like to forget?

Yes, hundreds of them.  They may have helped make me what I am today but I'd just as soon forget all the times my mother flew angry with me and I couldn't figure out why or how to stop her.  I'd like to forget what it was like to live with a drunken harden who threw things and hit people and then the next day was angry with everyone because she'd been a falling down drunk the night before.   I'd like to forget that I couldn't grasp that my grandmother would die a horrible, painful death while I was angry and hateful to her for abandoning me to the drunk who ran my life. 

Grandmother, Lamie (Pumpkin, Milly, or me), Dad, Mom

Is there someone you really like to just hang out with and talk about stuff?  

I've not had good luck with deep friendships in my life, especially with women.  During the last 30 years of my life my closest and deepest relationships have been with my husband and his sister, Wendy, who lives in Houston.  However, during the 1990's I met two women I really admire(d) and formed a bond with (first professionally and then personally)  and since I've retired we're beginning to re-establish our connection.  I had dinner with one just this past week, while the other now lives in Colorado and we connect mainly through email.  Both the ladies are smart, creative, and caring -- a combination hard to find in this life.  Hubby and I have connected with two couples over the years that I dearly love, though one of the husbands died last year.  Debby and Lou are probably my closest Kansas City friends and I know that I can call them for backup no matter what happens in my life.  I'm slowly forming a bond with the Wyandotte Ladies Who Lunch and I'm thoroughly enjoying adding this contact of intelligent women into my life. 

Debby guiding the horse; Lou ready to give us a ride in the cart

Have you ever been called prince or princess?

My grandmother called me Lamie and my dad called me Pumpkin.  My grandpa called me Milly.  I've never been a princess type, I guess.  


Do you think teenagers are weird?
 Teenagers are very, very weird and it's a wonderful thing! Every kid should get the chance to experience weird in all it's glorious forms.  


How fast does your mood change?
I'm mercurial.  Moods don't last long for me.  I can be sad and down one day but the next day I'm back on top.  I can get mad at you one minute and the next I can excuse any awful thing you've done and invent reasons why you thought it was okay to do it, even if those weren't your real reasons.  I don't get mad easily but I do get frustrated quickly.  I'm not patient.  I stay happy most of the time and I forgive nearly everything. Until I don't -- them the door shuts and it never really opens again. 


How are you feeling?
I wish it were spring-like weather instead of blizzard-like snow outside my window.  I'm healthy and exercising and eating fairly normally.  My mood is even.  


Do you want someone to call you right now?
No, I'm not a person interested in phone calls.  I do like receiving emails and I learning to love Facebook messages.   I like having the time to think and process so writing answers is much preferable than spending hours on the phone.  
If my grandmother could call me now (she died in 1963) that would be great.  And I'd love to talk with Wendy and Hubby's mom, Mrs. Van -- she could call and we'd talk for hours.  

What do you always take with you?
I carry the keys to the house and the car.  That's it.  I don't carry a purse unless I'm paying for a meal.  I can stick the debit card in my pocket at the grocery store.  I keep the rewards cards above the visor in the car so I have them handy.  I've eliminated and pared down to where only the keys are needed when I go out of the house.  

Is your bed comfortable?
Our bed is wonderful.  We have a new mattress and it is our place of refuge from the world. 

Would you say you’re an understanding person?
I try to be understanding but the reality is I'm not very compassionate.  I've learned I do have an inate ability to delve into the ultimate aims of why a person says or does what he/she does -- but I'm not sure I understand why they feel the need to act that way.  I'm really NOT a people person.  
Are you generally a happy person?
I am a survivor -- and to be that way I think you have to be able to see the bright side of things.  My glass is usually half full, not empty.  Maybe I'm just not deep enough to see the dark side of things.  

Who’s in your Facebook profile picture with you?
My husband -- I'm proud to be married to him.  My blog, however, shows the boys.  

Were you single on Valentines Day?
Which Valentine's Day?  Of course I've been single on VD -- but not for the last 40 years.  That's not to say I haven't spend VD alone and unnoticed, even in the last 40 years.  
What is the last movie you watched?
The 1949 classic movie That Forsyte Woman with Greer Garson and Errol Flynn.  Watched my DVR of it last night.  


Do you listen to songs when you’re done?
Done with what?  I love music.  I listen to songs while I'm doing -- not just when I'm done.  Though I imagine this means popular music which I don't actually listen to.  Classical music, however, fills my soul with joy. 

How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
This is the tough one -- I don't fall asleep easily and even if I get to sleep, I wake up two hours later.  Sleeping has become more and more difficult every year.  I nap great, though.  

Are you talkative?
Yes.  But I'm not sure I ever say anything that's worth listening to.  

What are your Easter plans?
Once upon a time it was sunrise service, early morning service, regular service, and a grand sit-down dinner with sterling silver and china and cloth napkins.  Now . . . . we eat when we're hungry and remind ourselves it's Easter Sunday.  This is the joy of retirement -- no churches to work at, no lesson plans to review.  It's also the sad lot of a couple with no children.  The boys can't tell Easter from any Thursday.  


snugpug said...

I just want to say I appreciate you the way you are.

OK, I also appreciate the picture of Alfie Boe that you thoughtfully included. :)

Margaret said...

Interesting meme and I learned new things about you. You had to deal with a lot which has shaped you into the person you are; I like that you are a glass half full optimist in spite of those rough times. I like to think that I am too. Unlike you, I am a people person but I do love my alone time and can get too much of others. (especially during the work week between students and staff) :) I'm sure you're not far enough into retirement to have forgotten the crazy world of teaching. Hugs.