Monday, July 09, 2012


Hubby went to the emergency room on 4/30 because he couldn't walk and his back was "killing" him.  This was the diagnosis for the Baker's cyst behind his knee and the X-rays of his back showed massive arthritis but no other damage.  We were sent home with 'scripts and had a doctor's appointment with his own GP that afternoon.  We were not admitted to the hospital. 

The cost from our wonderful Research Hospital:  $15,780.  We are not complaining about the cost.  Hubby enters with heart problems and the competent, caring staff at Research gives him immediate, undivided attention.  They don't spare on the TLC or waste time having Hubby sit around in a waiting room.  They see us N O W and make sure that we aren't in serious distress. 

We were charged $65 on admittance to the ER.   We paid $5.00 to see the GP that afternoon.  We paid $10.00 for the two scripts that were written for us.   That day we spent a total of $80.00 on Hubby's recovery. 

Today we got the bill that hadn't been covered by Hubby's Medicare / Coventry insurance. 


Everything else was covered. 

Added to the $80.00 -- we spent $115.00 total for costs of over $20,000 by the time the all the doctors had submitted their bills along with the meds. 

Medicare is wonderful.  With medical bills like this, we simply couldn't afford to have me retire unless we had decent coverage.  I hear and read all the complaints about the social security system and Medicare / Medicaid but for those of us in dire need of health care, this system is keeping us alive.  I'm grateful.  Very, very grateful.  Everyone should have this kind of good care available to them. 


Margaret said...

I agree--but we don't! I'm terrified of having changes made to my already expensive medical coverage. Cancer is very expensive and our stop loss is $2750, which is relatively low for now. It still costs us way more than that in hospital and doctor co-pays but we can afford the care at least. So many people not on Medicare can't. :(

Donna said...

We've had no problems with Medicare either. So far, so good. I do feel for Margaret.