Saturday, July 07, 2012

Favorite Things on Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things that I'm loving right now:
  • Closet cleaning in the computer room:  

 We live in a house with very small closets (1950's era) so the bedroom closet is all mine.  Many years ago we moved most of Hubby's clothes into the living room closet, which is actually the coat closet.  He never wanted to go to the back bedroom for his things.    First his shirts made it into the coat closet, then his slacks.  Still, we never actually cleaned out the closet for him -- he just gradually took over until most of the things stored there belonged to him.  A few coats remained at the sides, hats were on the top shelve along with the unused light bulbs and cookie sheets and duet piano music.  On the closet floor we stored anything we couldn't find room for in the house -- huge packages of toilet paper from Sam's, boots, dust rags, paper towels.  The coats pretty much gravitated into the computer (second bedroom) closet, along with Hubby's ties, suspenders, shoes he wasn't wearing, his sweaters, shoes I didn't wear but couldn't bear to part with and shelving we weren't using. 

Yesterday we started cleaning out the computer room closet.  We found 15 pairs of slacks Hubby had forgotten he owned.  They went into the front room closet with the rest of his clothing.  Out of that front closet we removed all the clothing and paraphernalia that wasn't Hubby's.  We found coats in our garage, in the front living room, and on the floor of the computer room.  We trash-bagged all the coats neither of us wanted, all Hubby's ties, and all the shoes we hadn't worn (except for a $400 pair of Ecco's that Hubby had NEVER worn and looked at in disbelief).  At least 10 coats and jackets have been discarded, but we still have way too many stored because Hubby kept looking at his coats and thinking they were in really good condition (like his trench coat on the left).  I had an easier time putting things in the discard pile -- some of my old coats actually had shoulder pads in them!  I had trouble dumping fleeces and jackets, though.  

Now the computer room closet has been cleared of the junk.  All the retained coats are on good hangers (ones that won't bend or break when heavy coats are pulled from them).  Hubby's 36 sweaters are neatly folded and on the top shelf while all the ones with piles have been put aside for donation.  The shoes we both had saved were so old that they were once again in style -- but I'm never going to wear high heels again -- and these lovely shoes were hooker high.  One sad pair was so old the soles had disintegrated on us and when we opened the box we initially thought that cookies had been stored in it. 

Finally, because we had moved so much junk out of the computer room closet, the floor was empty.  I was able to move all the stored winter clothing of my sweaters, Hubby's winter pants, my fleece sleepwear onto the closet floor so we would not have to shlep the big bags of winter stuff from the basement ever again.   How cool is that?

When I open the closet door, both in the living room and in the computer room, I smile at the neatness and the organization. 
  • Donating bags of used clothing and other sundry junk to City Union Mission for resale.
Hubby has those huge trash bags that kids sell door to door and we've been filling them with our discarded donations for the City Union Mission (the KC help  for the homeless).  We took over the first load yesterday.  Today went the second load.  All the coats, jackets, shoes, ties, dresses I would no longer wear, all my Christmas clothing -- all donated to a good cause.  And two of our closets have been cleaned and organized.  It does one's heart good.  We've got a lot more to donate, though. 

City Thrift Store -- many of the less fortunate shop here, but it's also become a chic place to pick up unusual and hip items for little of nothing. 

  • A slab or ribs and a quart of potato salad from Gates Barbecue
Good lord, I haven't had a full slab all to myself in years -- and this slab was the best EVER!  Honestly, I just don't know how one can not L O V E Gate's ribs.  We went to the restaurant on 47th and Paseo and got take-out so the doggies could have a little outing too in this 105 degree weather.  Hubby had the pork on a bun because he loves their fries.  I decided after all the closet cleaning to treat myself to a full slab of pork yumminess and I've been in heaven ever since.  Of course, the dogs think I'm a goddess because I can dole out pork ribs every couple of hours.  Gates also makes delicious potato salad -- it's mild, sweet, AND spicy all at once, so I ordered a full quart.  Tomorrow Hubby's baking pork chops and we're serving it with the Gates salad.
  • Central air conditioning.
Thank you Lord! for a fully functioning house AC unit.  Without it I think both Hubby and I would be dead.  Just peeling eggs in this heat causes a full body sweat (I know, I tried it for some tuna salad yesterday).  Our electric bill for June is $163 -- but that's a small price to pay for staying alive. 
  • Jasper's Vinegar and Oil Salad Dressing
I found out that the wonderful Oil and Vinegar salad dressing that makes the plain old ice berg lettuce from Marco Polo's deli (which is the same as Jasper's Italian Restaurant without the price tag and service) so fabulous is sold by the bottle.  I'm consuming platefuls of salad since I bought a bottle.   I get up at 3 a.m. and eat salad.  This stuff is pure heaven.  Unfortunately, Jasper's is currently closed for their annual July vacation, but as soon as their reopening, I'm pricing the stuff by the case. 

  • Novels under $4.00 on my Kindle.
I have been a downloading fool this summer.  I keep expecting the Kindle to belly-up and tell me I've got to delete something, but so far so good.  I just got 30 new either free or nearly free mysteries so when it's too hot to clean, I can read. My total download fee for 30 novels was $7.50.  Now when I wake up at 3 a.m. I can read myself back to sleep -- or stay awake all night digging into various new mystery experiences. 
  • Paychecks for not working.
Both social security and KPERS arrived on time this month, my first month receiving full retirement benefits.  I LOVE retirement.  Nancy, a good friend, emailed us the opening week offer from the Heartland Theater (tickers at $2.50 each) and we could call and make arrangements to go on -- Wednesday nigh!  We can go to the theater ANY night of the week and not worry about getting up the next morning!

Now if Hubby would only feel better, the weather would cool off just a little, and the gouty toe would decide to ease up (every frickin' July, man!) life would be nearly perfect! 


Margaret said...

What a sense of accomplishment on all that cleaning! There are a few closets and bedrooms around here that I need to hit! I love potato salad; there is nothing better in the summer. Retirement is sounding very good right now.

Donna said...

I've gotten rid of several bags of clothes that seem to be too small for either of us (imagine that!). City Union Mission is my favorite charity. However, I dump my clothes at whichever donation site we see first. All of them seem to go to a good cause, and we are in the boonies, so we don't have a lot of choices.

Donna said...

Oh, and Gates is my FAVORITE barbecue!