Saturday, July 28, 2012

In 2008 We Lost Fritzy

Fritzy was a funny little guy -- he came from the pound in Ottawa, Kansas, and he even had papers to prove his pure linage.  He had been tied up outside a house until the police rescued him.  Our groomer called us one Sunday night to tell us a little boy was languishing in the the Ottawa pound and needed a new family.  We found out later that he had so many people wanting to adopt him that the pound couldn't decide what to do with him - plus they loved having him around.  But they also knew our groomer who was a breeder of show Schnauzers so Fritzy came to live with us.  He adored Wolfgang.  He was his boon companion and when Wolfie died, Fritzy hid under the bed for a month, until we gave in and adopted Gus from the same pound.  We had to put him down four years ago due to kidney failure.  He remains, always, in our hearts.  His ashes are here on the computer desk, along with Wolf and Milly's.

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