Monday, April 02, 2012

Tearing Down and Starting Over

Hubby has decided to update / restore the outside of our little 60+ year old bungalow (pictured at right in the 1990's) so it will last us 20 more years. I was glad he has been thinking in long-range terms, but I'm horrified at all the work he is having done.

Last week he took his two-man crew downstairs and they tore out the knotty pine paneling on the outside backyard wall, took up all the 1970's basement shag carpeting, tore down the ceiling tiles (which had been falling down on a regular basis anyway) and moved in a dumpster to get rid of the debris.

I've been afraid to go downstairs ever since the work started -- even though we really needed to do several loads of wash over the past weekend. Hubby has been happily throwing out things I'd stored down in the basement (and forgotten) and I didn't want to be reminded of those things that were now trash, just in case a mad desire to repossess them overtook me.

Tomorrow the foundation men arrive -- to jack up the back outside wall which has bowed and cracked. You don't want to know the cost of this little endeavor.

Following that repair, Hubby plans on new siding and new windows. This should make the outside of the house look pretty spiffy. That leaves the inside . . . it's pretty clear what my responsibilities will be once June 1 rolls around.

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Margaret said...

Oh, wow, you won't get any relaxation! But in the long term, it'll be great. (short term, not so much)