Monday, April 30, 2012

Calling All Angels

We are very tired here at the KC bungalow.  I was up at 5 and dressing for school when Hubby rolled over and said, "You'd better call a substitute."  That's always bad news -- it means that some time during the night Hubby got sick -- really, really sick.

On Friday Hubby complained about not being able to climb his ladder. "I used to fly up those steps and only went up three rungs and my knee was absolutely killing me!"  I dismissed the complaint -- he shouldn't be climbing ladders anyway at this stage of his life.  I should have listened -- Hubby has a pain threshold that is sky high - if his knee was "killing him" he was suffering some major pain.

On Saturday Hubby complained that he had "sprained his back."  He was limping -- but he was still making a "go of it" and we even went to a concert at the Kauffman Center.  He did however ask to take a couple of my pain pills and finally even swallowed a muscle relaxer.  That is unheard up in this house -- Hubby doesn't take meds that have NOT been prescribed for him.

On Sunday Hubby got up early and was quite "snarly."  We both get that way sometimes so I went on with life -- fixed him breakfast and he took off for his house and did his "thing" -- whatever that might be.  I read a new novel on my Kindle.   He came back for dinner, played around on the computer, then limped to bed. 

But sometime during the night, when Hubby got out of bed, his left leg gave way.  He could barely walk -- and it was painful to watch.  He was actually moaning out loud.  So at 5:30 this morning we headed out for the ER at Research Hospital.  They ordered a CAT scan of his back.  Nothing out of the ordinary except his spine looked "pretty darned bad -- you've really given your body some hard abuse; the arthritis in your lower spine is incredible!" they reported back.

The left leg was very swollen and was quite a bit bigger than his right.  "Shouldn't be a blood clot -- you've got too much Warfarin in you" and sure enough after an ultra sound, they found a mass behind his left knee.  Touching it sent him over the moon.  "This doesn't look like a tumor or cancer -- the size and shape is all wrong.  We're not sure what it is.  But we are absolutely sure it is not an urgent problem -- you need to see your doctor though.  And we can help with the pain."

Vicodin was the first offer of treatment.  Then "get thee to your physician" came next.  After four hours we were sent back home with scripts and directions to get our doctor on the phone.  Hubby called while we were still in the car going home and go us a 1 p.m. appointment at his clinic. I love that clinic -- they are so pro-active when they hear you've spent all morning in the ER.  They had already downloaded Hubby's medical morning adventures by the time we arrived there this afternoon. 

The current supposition is that Hubby has a Baker's Cyst  caused by a knee injury last week -- and the  blood thinners.  Now we have scripts for Percocet and steroids -- because of the bleeding problems that can be caused by the Warfarin no one wants to drain the cyst but if we can't clear it up, then surgery is the next option. 

Hubby is still in a great deal of pain but we learned the really good news at the hospital that Hubby's A-Fib is still there but in very good control, his thinned blood is exactly where it should be, and his blood pressure is within normal range for him.  His heart is doing just fine, thank you very much.  All the meds are working -- and the Warfarin just a little too much for his knees but perfect for his heart.  

Two weeks ago at this same ER we lost our dear friend Tom.  Over the weekend our friend Debby ended up in the same ER with eye problems -- and then today, Hubby was there getting checked out.  We think Tom must be watching over us all -- he's hovering about, making sure we all come away with good treatment and a prognosis that is just a little scary -- but not dire.  We're glad he's still hanging around, taking care of us all.  It's not the same as having dinner with him, but we feel his presence just the same.  

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Margaret said...

Oh, so glad he's OK. Medical issues are the bane and stress of my existence!! Between my husband and my mom, I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown!