Saturday, May 29, 2010


First we took in the breakfast buffet across the state line. Then this afternoon we saw Letters to Juliet at the local movie-plex and it was delightful. I'm ready to travel to Italy -- if only it didn't require a 12+ hour plane ride. After the movie we stopped by our favorite grocery and picked up a brisket and some onion soup mix and a huge round steak for later in the week. Also Hubby got a shopping cart full of fruit and came home to make us a luscious fruit salad while I cooked the brisket in the oven. After a little nap I paid the bills on line to round out the day. Now it will be an evening of PBS TV watching (all the Brit coms, of course) and computer games. Summertime is proving to be welcome respite.


Margaret said...

It sounds lovely!! We have three more weeks, which will be tricky. My mom loves brisket.

Donna said...

You deserve this. I have a brisket to cook also.