Friday, May 28, 2010


The first day of summer and it was slow, sweet, and perfect.

Hubby took me to the matinee to see the new Queen Latifa movie -- Just Wright -- and it was, actually, just right with a happy ending even. Then we ate at a new Chinese buffet in the theater complex and got to fill up on butter shrimp and crab baked in cheese. Then we came home to take a nap.

The long, lazy days of summer lie ahead. We have minimal plans though I work through the first week of June and have grad school to attend in July. The bedroom is the target room this summer. Hubby has acquired a case of chickens for us to cook-up. Gus needs a teeth cleaning. I'm looking for a private dentist for the family. The nights will now extend into the wee morning hours and I don't plan to get up until nearly noon. Yes, a slow, sweet summer lies ahead.

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Margaret said...

We still have three more weeks and the weather has been TERRIBLE. I'm glad that I have some good books to read!!