Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow Days

We had school on Monday and Tuesday after the Sunday snow. Everybody bitched like mad. "The kids are having to walk in the street because none of our sidewalks are plowed." "It's too cold for our kids to be out in this four degree weather."

Then the predication's came in for Wednesday. Two to six inches of more powder predicted with temperatures at zero degrees. The mayor of Kansas City decreed that it was wise not to plow the streets because driving on packed ice and snow was "safer" than driving on clean streets. The KCMO school district had already been closed from Monday on because of the mayor's wise(ass) decrees. The Kansas cities and 'burbs all tried to keep ahead of the snow but by Wednesday, the predictions were just too dangerous. Even the Kansas schools caved and shut down.

My district has now been closed for two days and we will have our third snow day tomorrow. The weather is really, really cold. None of the snow melts. We have had high winds so we have snow drifts up to a foot deep. There is ice, of course. Driving is so treacherous in Kansas City, MO that the trash trucks have been sitting in their garages -- and in the shopping areas the trash is piling up to a dangerous level. No trash has been picked up by the city for the last three days. The idiot mayor of KCMO has finally had to face the snow facts and call an emergency session of the city council.

Meanwhile the temps keep dropping and the winds are still blowing. It is frigidly, frighteningly cold.
Our little house is mostly warm. We have some chilly spots but where it counts, in the bedroom and bath and kitchen, we are toasty. We have food and drink. Yesterday we feasted on sour dough toast and hot cocoa. Today we had meatloaf and baked potatoes. We are, however, down to our last two eggs and there is only a quarter of a gallon of milk left. We might need a run to the store . . . but I think we can last until the temperatures at least get about freezing and the wind chill is above zero. Right now our wind chill is -13 degrees. The dogs are using the pee-pee pads in the living room because the snow is now higher than their butts -- and nobody wants to poop in frozen snow when it's ten degrees below zero.


Donna said...

I just feel sorry for the horses and cows, in this weather. My dog does fine.

Margaret said...

That looks VERY unpleasant. I don't like extreme temps either way and certainly not that much snow. I'm used to the kind that comes for a brief "visit" and then melts away. A snow day or two is fine though--as long as I have lots of coffee in the house. Take care and stay warm.