Monday, January 18, 2010

I Got Nothin'

I currently have to keep talking myself into blogging. But I can't think of anything worth blogging about.

Honestly, reading blogs recounting the movies people have seen is BORing to the max. Yeah, we saw Avatar and Invictus and Up in the Air and Sherlock Homes and The Book of Eli and some other stuff that I liked but Hubby didn't.

The weather is dull beyond boring. It snowed. Repeatedly. The snow piled up. It got very cold. School in my district was cancelled for three days. Then it started back-up. And we had fog and something called Ice Fog which caused multiple pile-ups on the interstates.

We went to the bookstore and bought reading material so we wouldn't have to be out in the fog that caused ice to form on the interstates. I'm reading the Georgette Heyer mystery novels that have been reissued from the 1930's. Hubby is re-reading Parker (the Spenser series).

We watch some TV. I like the looks of some of the new shows about to start this week. I've got my DVR programmed for Human Target tonight. I like Mark Valley a lot -- both his funny British TV series and when he was on Boston Legal. Life Unexpected is also on the program -- I dearly loved Gilmore Girls though Hubby hated every episode. And, of course, I will watch Parenthood because of Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls) and because the movie was so wonderful. American Idol, though -- No. So nobody really cares much what kind of old fashioned TV I'm watching -- just as nobody much cares that I'm reading books from the 1930's.

Grad school ended so I've nothing to bitch about until the summer session begins. I did earn that coveted A and I'm proud that I am still carrying a perfect A average after 24 hours.

Thursday the semester changed at school. My new classes are okay but not quite the delight of my junior / senior class. It was hard to say goodbye to the boys. My freshman class is all boys again but these are very low functioning and speak and write poorly in English. Class moves very slowly when the kids can't spell "plot" much less define it.

My Wii is set up but I'm not using it the way I should. The laundry has piled up once again and I"m slowly getting caught up over this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. I hate doing laundry -- well, not the laundry so much as the sorting and then putting everything away.

I had a lunch date for today with an old business friend but he cancelled and it's just as well. I had arranged with Hubby to have the car for the day but he went off in it this morning and didn't return until noon. He claims I had told him my lunch was at 1:00 but, of course, what I told him was that my date had to be back at work at 1:00. You think Hubby had ulterior motives?

Hubby has a cold. I'm trying not to catch it.

See? Honestly, I don't have much to report that's interesting enough to blog about. I'm not complaining though. It's kind of nice to have a life without drama.

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Margaret said...

I've never heard of ice fog, but anything with the word ICE in it terrifies me. You see way more movies than I do. What did your hubby not like about them? I am a huge fan of both the Heyer and the Spenser series. There is nothing better than a good book!