Friday, May 30, 2008

Yes! Yes! Well, maybe . . . Okay, probably not

A couple of weeks ago I published a list of things I think I never WANT do in this lifetime (No! No! Never). Here, on the other hand, are ten things I'd love to do but probably never will get the chance to experience:
  • Write a book -- just takes too much discipline.
  • Tour Europe / China / anyplace overseas -- neither Hubby nor I can tolerate plane rides; we can't walk at the end of two hours sitting in a movie theater -- image what squashed in a place seat would do to us?
  • Dive off a diving board -- I have never learned to dive, I can swim, but diving eludes me..
  • Learn to ballroom dance -- one must have a partner AND some agility to do this..
  • Bake a pie from scratch -- I don't have the patience to make a pie crust from scratch when purchasing one from the local HyVee is so simple; also I just don't understand the principles behind rolling out dough.
  • Graduate magna cum laude -- from anywhere.
  • Own a mountain or seaside cabin for vacations -- Hubby would simply HATE it!
  • Buy a diamond tennis bracelet -- I do have lovely diamond earrings and a solitaire necklace and a couple of diamond rings that are quite stunning and I'd really like to have a diamond bracelet to go with . . . but the cost just seems too extravagant when there are vet bills to pay and used cars to buy.
  • Buy a Silverado truck for Hubby -- see diamond bracelet rational above.
  • Drive a Hummer -- the only car on the road today I actually find entertaining but could definitely not afford and even if I won one on a game show I couldn't afford the gas to keep it running; also I couldn't park it -- so no Hummer in my future.

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