Sunday, May 04, 2008


Currently, in my hectic life, I need:
  1. A hair cut
  2. A permanent
  3. A hair dye -- the gray is really showing through
  4. A pair of summer shoes that will cover the gouty toe -- somewhere in my house is a mate to a lovely pair of blue/gray sandals that would do the trick but Gus carried off the shoe and I can't find it
  5. A final paper completely written and researched due on Thursday night -- I've got only the outline
  6. A trash sack of summer pants -- I KNOW I put one in the basement last fall but I can't find it anywhere; Hubby cleaned out the basement in April -- you don't suppose? No, he's not the careless
  7. To wash the colored clothes -- a huge sack is in the kitchen waiting . . . I did get the whites done this weekend so we have clean undies
  8. The ability to walk away from my church's power struggle and NOT let all the strugglers get to me so badly
  9. The stamina to survive tomorrow where I'm throwing not one BUT two parties in honor of students who are winning awards
  10. To juggle through a quarter mile of concrete hallways two huge sheet cakes, a huge container of pink lemonade, seven framed (with glass) certificates that have been assembled, a bag of a billion pastel mints, eight bowls to hold said mints, two big candles, a new computer mouse AND do this without dropping or breaking anything at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning
  11. Twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep -- last night I dreamed I freeze dried my youngest dog and woke up in sheer panic
  12. A day without pain -- in the back, in the knees, in the hips, in the shoulders, in the head
The award ceremony is tomorrow at school. The first reception for the award winning parents follows. The second reception, in honor of the students AND the woman who cheerfully provides nutritious snacks for these kids is at 1:30 p.m. The final paper, still unwritten is due Thursday and at that time we're getting the final test, which is take home -- meaning another freakin' paper. The seniors graduate May 15th. The minister's farewell party is May 18th. I have to have my room packed and ready for summer cleaning May 21st, the last day of school. The minister's last Sunday is May 25th, my 62nd birthday. May 26th, I plan to collapse in a huge heap and go into hiding for a full week. Nobody is going to be able to reach me except two little dog-boys and one loving Hubby. June 1 -- I shall emerge like Aphrodite rising from the sea - though I doubt that my virginity will be renewed, even on a one time basis. Sorry -- I'm silly from being tired. Good night.

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