Saturday, August 18, 2007


There's nothing like a week of hard work to make a gal crave a huge big ol' steak! With a twice baked potato full of cheese, bacon bits, green onions, butter, AND sour cream. Add in a simple green salad -- no weeds or strange greens or odd bits of gourmet vegetables -- with an accompaniment of blue cheese dressing and you've got a feast.

All summer I'd been craving a steak. Not one of those cheap cuts from the lower end of the meat counter. Not a delicate little patty just seared on the grill and sliced paper thin. No! I've been hankering for a carnivore's steak! Big! Juicy! Tender! Dripping juice! Crispy outside and just barely pink inside!

This afternoon Hubby and I went to the Bourne Ultimatum at the cheap movie theater. We had a small popcorn and a huge diet soda and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. After the movie we drove to the small town steak house, serving their own corn fed beef and I ate my steak. Hubby, wimping out, had two very nicely broiled pork chops. But I had the 8 oz filet mignon and I savored every single mouthful.

First came the bowl of pickled beets. Then the ice berg lettuce with a big old slice of cucumber, a small tomato, and a bowl of homemade blue cheese dressing and served with huge, hot slices of garlic toast. Finally, the steak was delivered on a platter so hot you could hear the sizzle all across the dining room, dripping juice, tender, and succulent.

What a treat! I won't need that kind of meat now for a couple of months, but how sweet to live in the heartland where a good steak is right around the corner.

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