Friday, August 24, 2007

1.62 Miles

Today has been a pretty normal day at my high school and I found myself doing an average amount of walking between classes. The school itself is so large that it occurred to me this summer that a fun thing to do would be to keep track of how many miles I covered in a day -- just going from the car into the front door, then to the elevator on up to the third floor, and finally around the three long hall ways it took to get to my room was a long jaunt. Add in the extra trips to visit the office, the school psychologist, the counselor, the break room, and the teachers I collaborate with -- I figured I might be chalking up some hefty numbers. So I bought a pedometer.

Today I only needed to go from my room to the first floor once. Unfortunately on the return trip the elevator was not working so I had to hike up the five flights it takes to arrive at the third floor: two flights between one and two and three flights between two and three.

This afternoon Hubby delivered a truck full of supplies to the loading dock where students did a massive unload and delivered 12 moving boxes, two chairs, a coffee table, a file cabinet, and a work table to my room. Though my paraprofessional did most of the labor, I needed to be available for supervision.

Total miles walked from 6:30 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. -- 1.62. And this was an easy day.

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