Friday, August 17, 2007

1 Down -- 35 to Go

First week of school recap:

* Temp over 100 degrees: two days; temp over 90 degrees: five days

* Naps required on arriving home from school: four; however, naps do not describe the sound three hours of sleep needed every evening from Monday through Thursday – naps which provided just enough sleep to give me the extra push to take a bath before a night’s worth of rest was required

* Code Red complete school lockdowns: one – all day today; reason: new student on my caseload had anonymous death threat issued against him; 1200 students in school and I get the new kid everyone wants to kill.

* Eight teachers in community; number absent on first Friday of the school year: four.

* Number of days paraprofessional already absent: four; however, that counts two days last week while we were still in meetings

* Number of students on my caseload: 26; two teachers on the first floor have only 8 and 10 students respectively; life can be unfair sometimes

* Number of pregnant student in caseload: four

* Number of coworkers who helped out when asked: every single one!

* Number of hugs from returning students: too many to count!

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