Monday, July 23, 2007

We're All About the Knees

Hubby had the second of the three injections into his knees today (one in each knee for three consecutive weeks). The first shots last Monday really had no effect, needles in and out, and Hubby hobbled around as usual. Today, however, he experienced significant pain in his right knee after the shot.

Our good news is that the insurance company only charged us for the first injection. The other four (two more in each knee) are covered by the first deductible charge. That's a very good thing.

We weren't expecting pain with the shots and so the immediate onset put Hubby into bed for the afternoon / evening. I suggested we call the doctor, but Hubby, being the stoic that he is, preferred a "wait and see" attitude. We had asked what the restrictions were during and after the shots and the only thing we were told was that Hubby shouldn't go jogging. Otherwise, normal every day activities were very acceptable and we hadn't been warned that they might be curtailed by grinding pain.

Hubby was slated to cook dinner today, darn it, and that pain meant that I was once again forced into kitchen labor -- and comfort food, at that. It's a small price to pay, though, if tomorrow or at the end of the week - or in the next month -- Hubby begins to get some relief for his ailing knees.

We're still in a wait and see mode. We'll keep you posted.

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