Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The snow lay on the ground . . ,

Our biggest snowfall this season and this year (2014) was yesterday.  It came down pretty heavily all day and into the night -- the weather person says about 2 - 3 inches an hour.  The temps, not to be outdone, turned hideously cold -- wind chill this morning was -20 degrees. 

We already had ice on our sidewalks, streets, and lawns from the weekend weather "event" and now we had a foot of snow covering everything, including the ice.  I actually worries yesterday morning when I had to drag the two trash bags to the curb for pickup and the driveway was a sheet of slippery ice -- I could just see myself toppling over and being unable to get up. 

Temps for tonight are supposed to reach -15 or lower -- and that's not wind chill, folks -- that's actual temperature.

Hubby had one of his "workers" delivered to our doorsteps early this morning, since we couldn't get out -- and that included the dogs.  The poor man shoveled into the early afternoon just to get our driveway and front walk cleared -- and the car heated and snow removed. 

While he worked away, hubby and I had a nice warm breakfast of sausage and scrambled eggs with English muffins and hot tea.  Lunch was chicken nuggets and fresh corn-on-the-cob from our last Costco trip -- along with a pretty decent honey dew melon, sliced and sugared.  Fresh food on a cold, snowy day is a real treat!

Now we're warmly ensconced in our little house, thermostat set at a consist 75 degrees; tea kettle on very low heat at the back of the stove; boys, finally able to navigate the walk outside, have managed to pee and poop and are happily settled next to Pops in our cozy bed; and the car is unearthed and ready for travel if the need arises. 

This is when I feel so blessed.  We are safe, we are warm, we have plenty of food and drink, the TV has lots of shows for viewing and the Kindles are charged.  And we are only token prisoners of the storms -- we can get out if we want.  Life is damned good.


Margaret said...

I would hate those temps since I feel a compulsion to be outside, but your description sounds SO COZY. Glad that you are comfy and warm, as well as set for reading. :)

snugpug said...

There should be a "like" button for this post. :)