Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a couple of little things . . .

. . . to prove that I haven't forgotten about the blog yet again.
  • A bit of warmer weather has made me feel happier.  We had nearly a week of temps above freezing.  Of course we are now hearing reports of intermittent snow and no temps are supposed to go above freezing for the next six days but still my bones got a small reminder that one day sooner, rather than later, spring will come.  
  • Heard about Malwarebytes.com and activated it on the desktop PC (which runs McAfee) and so far have found 143 Malware hits on the computer.  Such a problem -- especially since Hubby continues to download suspicious items that he find interesting.  I'm not going to renew McAfee again.  
  • I'm almost solidly using the laptop now -- and running Norton on it -- I like Norton much better.  The Malware problem has not invaded the laptop (yet).  
  • Haven't heard from Google for install date -- but I'm pining for them.  We were tentatively scheduled for a January - March install, but the bad weather may have delayed things. 
  • AT&T service has been much better since New Years when that poor repairman worked in the snow and cold on New Year's Day to find that problem in an outlying line.  However, on Saturday we once again didn't have internet service. 
  • The pink Lincoln fuel line problem re-surfaced so Hubby had a new one installed; that led to several downturns (fix one thing another goes belly-up) but we now seem to be running smoothly.
  • Cooking every day is a chore most of the time -- I really miss eating out.  However, having good cookware is a decided blessing.  I've tossed a lot of "crap" out of the kitchen -- things we didn't use or ugly, worn out pans.  The only thing I've added has been the iron skillet which I use about once a week.  Still that skillet is really heavy and it's hard to for me to easily move it around.  Thankfully, most days Hubby is willing to eat whatever I fix but one day last week he threw a tantrum over a baked potato with a peel on it.  I think the arthritis pain must have really been getting to him; he's even cooked potatoes with the peels himself.  
  • We missed water aerobics on Wednesday and Friday of last week because the Lincoln wasn't running.  We have started back this week, though, even in this new cold spell. 
Pretty much that's the news from our crib.  Until next time . . . peace out.  

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Margaret said...

Yes, spring is coming. We have sun and blue sky after a long stretch of rain, plus LOTS of snow up north and on the passes. My tulips are starting to come up though--makes me feel happy.