Monday, January 20, 2014

Going to the Y

When I retired, we joined the Research rehab facility housed in the old Baptist Hospital, those who know KCMO.  We went there for water aerobics for about nine months and Hubby worked out on the equipment now and then but then winter really set in and it was cold and the water was really cold and the dressing rooms were closed for remodeling and we made up all kinds of excuses not to go exercise.

When our memberships came up for renewal and I started moaning about the $300+ fees, Hubby said, "Let's try out Silver Sneakers.  It's supposed to be free through our insurance."

I did some on-line research but could only find that the program was covered through Humana -- and Hubby and I have our extended Medi-care plans through Coventry.  However, Hubby persisted and eventually got us enrolled in Silver Sneakers -- which is free because Coventry covers the entire expense as a way to get the "elderly" to exercise and stay healthy.

Even closer to our home is the Emanuel Cleaver YMCA so we trotted over and presented our newly minted cards and enrolled before Christmas.  They were busy so we delayed the tour until we got home from Houston but last week we went over and Hubby even got himself a consult by one of their trainers. 

I thought I was in heaven when we got our membership with Research.  The Y is even better - and it's free!  We went this morning for our first water aerobics class and were both pleasantly surprised. 

First, and most important, the water is 10 degrees warmer than at Research.  It was heaven to be exercising in what felt like bath water, lovely warm and soothing -- and really WARM.  The class was not as energetic as we were used to and we still didn't get "individualized" instruction, but we could follow along pretty well since we knew most of the routines. 

For an hour we splashed and kicked and lifted our arms over our heads and it was nice.  Hubby is happy because now we go in the morning instead of at 5:30 at night.  I can tolerate mornings if we're not talking 6 or 7 or 8 a.m. -- this class starts at 9. 

The people were friendly, the instructor seemed competent, the dressing rooms were clean, and we only felt chilly after exiting the pool and drying off in the changing rooms. 

This is going to be eminently doable for us both -- and it's a good way to start off the new year.  Hubby's even mumbling about diet but we had Sonic burritos as a breakfast treat, after class, so dieting is probably off the table, at least for now. 

I'm hoping that as my dexterity improves and my stamina is rebuilt, I will also find my mood improving.  It all looks pretty exciting right now but let's see how we're doing in six months. 

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Margaret said...

That all sounds very positive. I dropped my membership to the Y because it was expensive and I didn't make the time to go. (it's in a very busy part of town) I tend to exercise more when I can do it around or near my home.