Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas in January

Hubby gave me eight cans of Airwick Freshmatic Ultra Spray Refills this year for Christmas.  He picked a wonderful scent (I think) -- Baked Apple Strudel -- but he didn't realize that he was giving me refills and not the actual Airwick dispenser.

We have dogs and almost always, at least one is old and slightly incontinent.  Sometimes they just pee on the carpet, the floor, or anywhere convenient or sometimes they just leave little dribbles behind them.  Sweet. soulful Gus, at 11, suddenly began peeing in the house -- oh, not all the time, but now and again if we didn't answer his call from the front door.  Then just three days before Christmas, in Houston, Gus was diagnosed with bladder stones.  We elected to wait until we got home to have the stones removed surgically, but we were darned clear as to why suddenly there had been a few wet episodes in the house.

Old dogs and scented candles are a match made in heaven.  Plus, I like the smell of hot cinnamon in the house during the winter or fresh lilac during the summer.  Usually I get my candles from the warehouse in Branson but we haven't been in a while and suddenly I was down to my last candles this fall.  Thus, Hubby thought that the Airwick, purchased in bulk from Sams, was a good gift.

After Gussie had had his 11 bladder stones removed in early January and was in the process of healing, I began to look around for the Airwick dispenser so I could use my refill cans.  Sams, the seller of multiple refills, had none.  And I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, anyway.  Hubby suggested I try the internet and, of course, the purveyor of all things entertaining and interesting, Amazon, had multiple choices, plus even more refills.

Today my new Airwick dispenser was delivered.  We assembled it -- no mean feat -- and now our bedroom smells exactly like a Christmas bakery.  We are both pining for some apple pie or cobbler or strudel. 

I like the gizmo well enough I might consider purchasing a couple more and loading up with refills before Sam's Warehouse sells out.  I won't set the house of fire since there is no flame like with candles and if a doggie has a little accident now we won't have to open windows to air things out. Even better the containers are simple and unassuming (not a decorator item you have to match to something in your house). 

Extended Christmas presents can be fun. 


Margaret said...

Perfect solution! I love apple pie/cinnamon smells. I'm very into scentsy which is also flameless and makes my house smell fresh and welcoming.

snugpug said...

Did you see Pat's posting on Facebook?