Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Once in a while you just wake up happy.  There is no special reason for it -- you just feel content with the world.  Today IS one of those days for me. 

Maybe it was because I did get most of the trash out before 7:30 and then was able to crawl back in bed for a tiny little nap before -- well, see the next "maybe it was because."

Maybe it was because Hubby got up and walked the dogs and went to exercise while I laid in bed and watched my DVR shows (The Good Wife and the holiday edition of the Extreme Home Makeover which I don't normally watch partly because it's sappy and partly because it always makes me cry when the folks get their new home). 

Maybe it was because breakfast went quickly when I prepared it at 9:00 (instead of the before 8:00 routine which is normal).  Hubby has been eating well, not just asking for a couple of canned half pears and one slice of toast with tea.  Today he had a two egg omelet folded over on rye toast, half a glass of orange juice and two cups of mint tea.

Maybe it was because the sun was shining and the humidity was finally low.  We've had what I consider rather miserable days of very warm temps (up in the 60's and 70's) with high humidity and blowing clouds making the days seem dark and depressing.

Maybe it was because the toothless, gentle Gus has kept his sweet pink tongue inside his mouth though we expected it would drag down into his beard.  He is also able to eat chunks of roast beef and chicken and he even attempted to take a big old rib bone from Luie -- though once he got the bone he looked at it with disgust and then he finally gave up and spit it out on the floor.

Maybe it was because I got my hair permed and cut last Friday and now feel much freer - and look much less bedraggled.

Maybe it was because the chicken was thawed and I still had two baking potatoes left over from Thanksgiving and lots of onions and garlic -- so dinner preparation of marinated baked chicken breasts, baked potatoes, and green beans was a snap.  And a cup of chocolate mint ice cream for Hubby.  Hubby ate half a breast and half a potato.  Not bad for food he really isn't wild about -- but keep him salt free and healthy.

Maybe it was because we got the sheets changed on the bed yesterday and both of us slept better for it.  I had used my spare mattress cover the last time we made up the bed and it was rumpled under us all week long.  The good one is back on the bed and sheets fit properly now.

Maybe it was because I organized my own pill containers, ordered up the refills, and took all the proper dosages for the first time in several weeks.

Maybe it was because I have all but one set of Christmas presents ordered -- and most of them are already in Houston.  Booyah for me!

Maybe it was because I heard some lovely Christmas music on my Kindle Fire this morning and I got my computer desktop switched over into holiday mode (I change my desktop picture daily -- while I NEVER change out my Facebook page). 

Maybe it was because for the first time in a week I'm going to water aerobics at 5:30 and wearing my new swim shoes.

Maybe it's because tomorrow I have lunch with four women who retired from my high school.  Carol and I started out as a group of two in July -- and now we are a group of five.  Next year we think we'll be six.  It's fun to get together and talk about old times and new retirement experiences.  

Maybe it was all these things combined. Whatever brought the smiles to my face, it's a good day.  I'm cherishing it. 


Margaret said...

You can't argue against a good day. Have had few of those lately, but enough special moments to appreciate. :)

Donna said...

What a happy blog post. You go, girl!

snugpug said...

Hope tomorrow will be even better. :)