Saturday, December 15, 2012

Danger -- Revisited

This is the assault rifle used in the Newtown, CT holiday massacre.  This is a gun that was in the boy's home!

In 2007 I posted about sharing with my classroom what we would do if our high school was invaded by gunmen. 

Five years later, nothing has changed -- except we keep practicing "Code Blue" alerts in our schools -- stranger alerts to tell students that danger has invaded.

We don't actively worry about gun control.  We don't discuss it during political campaigns.  We allow the gun lobby to spread money through our political system to make sure we can have assault rifles and high powered hand guns in our homes and unstable people can easily gain access to them.   

And we continue to let children die.

Please reread -- and tremble -- at my 2007 post:

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Margaret said...

And nothing changes or will change! Already people are defensive and acting threatened that their guns will be taken away and their 2nd amendment rights violated. So much for the sanctity of human life or the reality that THESE are killing machines and who actually needs one of them for hunting or protection? Anyone who doesn't think we have a gun violence problem in this country is smoking crack.