Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If Wishes Were Horses

I wish that cleaning the bathroom on a bi-weekly basis was some sort of intellectual experience, creating in my brain great flights of invention or creative bouts of literary endeavor -- or even granting me serene peace-of-mind.  Instead it's simply drudgery, a miserable experience in time-wasted exercise involving stooping, scrubbing, sweeping, mopping and sticking my hands in the toilet to clean up stains of disgusting quantity. 

The two unending jobs in "house-wifery" have got to be cleaning up the kitchen after preparing a meal and scrubbing out the bathroom after a week's worth of use. Of course there are others -- sorting and then having to fold laundry, vacuuming carpets, sweeping floors, emptying trash -- but nothing quite compares to kitchen and bathroom clean-up.  These two jobs are unending because we dirty both places daily.  Even if we eat all our meals out, we still slice an apple or pour a drink or make some tea -- and suddenly there you have cups, knives, crumbs / peels.  What we do in the bathroom is even worse (though having experienced a couple of episodes where I couldn't do much of anything in the bathroom I'm grateful that both Hubby and I are able to use it regularly and without much fuss). 

When science invents a household robot, I want one that will clean the bathroom and scrub the kitchen counters and floor.   It would be nice if the robot looked and talked like George Clooney - but that's just an added bonus if it would actually completely clean up the bathroom / kitchen daily. 

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Margaret said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom, but hate having a dirty bathroom. A conundrum.