Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little of This; a Little of That

Ye gads, how time flies.  I couldn't believe it was the 15th of the month already -- and I hadn't even thought of this blog since the 6th.  I guess when you're having fun . . .

Except I have nothing to write about.  So I guess this is just going to be a bulleted list of very insignificant things happening about our tiny bungalow:

  • We continue with doctoring and taking meds.  I'm supposed to be up to seven a day but I don't take them all -- and somehow I suspect that Hubby is doing exactly the same, but I don't ask because for him the consequences of missing a pill is more serious.  
  • My last prescription pickup costs us $362.  Wow!  It was for everything, though, for 90 days so I guess that's not too horrible. 
  • I finally chose my Medicare provider -- went with Hubby's because it just seemed easier now that I am also going to his health clinic.  I thought it would be a complicated procedure but I was able to complete the application(s) over the phone and will be co-insured come October 1.  
  • Over new mattress is wonderful.  I wish I could say we were sleeping better on it.  Sleep still seems rather an elusive behavior for us -- but now that we don't have to get up at 5 a.m. it's not such a burden.  
  • I'm trying to decide if we need dental insurance along with our Medicare benefits.  Vision insurance is partially provided through Medicare coverage so I'm not worried about that.  However, I have a four tooth bridge that could prove VERY expensive if it ever fails -- and these bridges only last 10 to 15 years and mine is already seven years old.  Anybody want to weigh in on dental for retired folks?  I got an estimate from Delta dental (which was my coverage from the school district and the recommendation from my co-insurer for Medicare) that says Hubby and I can be covered for $777.60 a year -- but that only covers 50% of major work -- like replacing bridges. Regular maintenance twice a year is covered at 100%.  So do we shell out -- or not?
  • We had a Groupon for a local bistro -- Michael Forbes -- that we forgot to use.  Still, with Groupon you don't lose the initial investment, you just don't get the advantage of the extra dollar value. Thursday afternoon we went over and ate their wonderful green olive spaghetti -- and both of us loved the meal.  
  • I need new shoes but can't find any that I really, really like when they cost upwards of $300 a pair.  We are going on a little jaunt soon and I would like to have a decent pair of "dress" shoes (meaning NOT sneaker type) but I haven't come across any that I'm willing to shell out big bucks to purchase.  
  • The retired Ladies Who Lunch met in September.  They picked the soul food restaurant just blocks from our house.  They swooned over the sweet potato pie -- and Hubby requested that I bring him a piece on my return.  We had a wonderful time sharing family stories.
  • The hair got permed and cut in preparation for our "little jaunt."  I go to Fantastic Sams and get a half perm and cut for $25 every 2.5 months or so -- and my second favorite stylist (I take anybody whose free) cut it just a little too short this time.  Too short is better than leaving it too long, though.  It will grow out.  
  • Hubby had an alarm installed in the house this past week.  It's very simple to use but we didn't use it for two days and by then we had forgotten exactly how it worked.  Hubby was so frustrated he threatened to have it removed, but they sent out a very nice tech who "taught" us all over again how to use the thing.  By then, I knew enough to have the right questions to ask, because I'm the one setting it and unsetting it on most occasions.  Hubby leaves the house with the dogs and I set the alarm.  We attended a UMKC concert on Friday and we finally had it working perfectly.  We could even "unset" it on returning to the house.
  • The UMKC concert was interesting -- piano variations on Steven Sondheim's music.  Evidently the city was full of other events and less than 60 people were in the audience.  White Hall probably seats 400 -- so it was very noticeable that the seats were empty. 
  • We had dinner before the concert with our special friends who attend the UMKC series with us.  We haven't seen them much this summer and I've missed them dreadfully.  It was wonderful to sit and chat and laugh and share.  The time flew and we were sad when the meal ended and we headed out to our respective designations. 
  • I need to pack for our upcoming vacation but the suitcases are in the basement behind all the furniture that Hubby moved into one corner when we had the foundation work done.  I have no idea how I'm going to retrieve them.  We may be leaving town with garbage bags instead of neatly packed clothing.  
  • The weather is cooling.  I"m trying to decide if, on traveling East, we need to take shorts AND long pants or only more fallish wear.  It seems crazy to pack for 85 degrees and find you only wear clothing with sleeves and long legs.  Then again, I HATE being hot.  I'd much rather be cold.  Decisions, decisions.  
  • Wireless Internet connection is DEVINE -- if you can figure out HOW to set it all up.  We've got most things functioning but Hubby struggled for a week with his Nook until he finally let me set it up for him.  We're both still dicking around with the wireless printer -- so far we've only made it work with the laptop.  
  • I'm still cleaning "around" in the computer room.  I unloaded the top of the gift counter / shelf.  We had dumped things we bought for the Houston crowd there wherever we found something interesting.  I think the Houston group may be in for a couple of interesting surprises come December.  
  • I"m still inputting recipes into the new recipe program but that has slowed considerably.  Maybe in November I'll get re-energized.  

So that's about it for around here.  A little travel is in our future.  A flu shot for us both will be needed in the next month.  The bathroom needs to be cleaned again - that's the awful truth about housekeeping . . . it just never ends.  You get everything all spiffed up -- and somebody decides they need to shave or poop or take a bath -- and you have to clean it all over again.   The joy of cooking has also worn quite thin -- Hubby has had a lot of sandwiches lately.  Retirement, though, is still the BEST ever. 


Margaret said...

Glad(and jealous) that you're loving retirement. On the dental: The insurance for both of you for all year seems cheap to me, especially if you have expensive work that will need to be done. 50% of thousands of dollars would pay off that premium pretty quickly. Also the check ups paid at 100% will make sure that you get the care to avoid any major expenses. Just my two cents worth!

Dona Amorim said...

Going for a dental insurance may be a smart decision, especially since dental procedures are a bit expensive and you do want to keep your teeth healthy. I think the estimate from the dental insurance that you chose is quite good. Just make sure that you know all about their services they offer. Understand their terms and conditions; discus every detail of their plan with them; and ask questions about coverage, cost, and terms of payment to ensure you don’t encounter any wrinkles in the future.