Thursday, March 22, 2012

This and That

It's officially spring! Hurray! However, spring has been here in the Midwest for at least the last three weeks weather-wise. The smaller trees are in bloom while our massive elms and oaks are fully budded. Flowers are blooming everywhere. It's a glorious time, full of promise and beauty.

I'm currently sitting in a "lock down" of my urban high school while the K-9 units and squads of police roam the halls, looking. We've not been told what they are looking for and they haven't been on our third floor, highest from the ground level. But the rumors are flying -- kids always know more than teachers. We've heard there was a whole ounce of weed found on the second floor. Oh, boy!

I finished the third and final novel of the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy -- and I admit to really liking it -- maybe even loving it (and that is kind of embarrassing to say but it touched my "teenage" heart in many ways). I'll also admit that when the next series by E.L. James comes out, I'll get that, too.

On a slightly more intellectual note, I've pre-ordered the new Massie Dobbs novel by Jacqueline Winespear. I can't wait for it to hit my Kindle.

Hubby made a delicious dinner last night from a couple of sad looking, already cooked, pork chops he found in our frig. He added some cream gravy, a lovey bed of rice, and a wedge of corn bread -- and it was a yummy feast. I gobbled up every single morsel and went searching the kitchen for the pan to lick.

The summer clothes haven't been retrieved from the basement yet and the winter clothes are much too heavy to wear in 80 degree temperatures. I'm having a hard time finding middle wear -- not too warm but just warm enough for 60 degree mornings and very breezy, warm afternoons. I've been wearing things to school I haven't put on in years, which, frankly, is helping me winnow out the wardrobe toward retirement. I've made a triple pile of clothes on the piano bench of things to donate to Goodwill because I just can't see myself ever wanting to wear them again.

Looks like the police are parading out of our building. Guess I gotta run . . . Happy spring, everyone!

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Margaret said...

A lock down for WEED? Are you serious? You have us by about 40 degrees. We actually had snow this morning? What in the world is going on?