Sunday, March 04, 2012

Just Another Lazy Sunday

We spent the weekend around the house, doing chores, a little shopping (at the $200 store), a couple of loads of wash, and seeing Denzel in the movie The Safe House.

Honestly, I don't recommend doing any of the things we did, but it's the weekend before spring break, so I guess it's all good. With most of the wash done, that means I won't have to spend next weekend carting baskets of laundry up and down stairs. We will have food in the house since we loaded up on large scale food items at Sam's, and now that Hubby has seen the movie of his choice, I get to see The Artist next weekend.

This upcoming week is a bit out of the ordinary at school. I've got two days of regular assignments. Then on Wednesday it's the dreaded Block 1, Advisory, Block 3, meeting, and then meeting with nary a break. On Thursday my mentee and I have scheduled a "professional day" (we're in the building but not teaching -- working with each other on upcoming projects, etc.). Friday is another professional day for the entire district (meaning no kids) -- and then a blessed five days off.

Friday Hubby and I sat down with the budget and seriously looked at our retirement income. I was beginning to have serious qualms about our ability to survive, but once I had graphed it out on paper and we had a long talk about what we each expected, things looked much brighter. I think we've got a good 16 to 18 years before things go belly up and we're reduced to eating dog food. We won't be charting yachts for cruises in the Caribbean, but we will probably have enough to actually enjoy our time from work. In 16 years Hubby will be 93 / 94 and I'll be 82 / 83 (and no one in my family has lived past 82 anyway) -- and neither of us expect much beyond that.

The prospect of the upcoming spring break and then in June, actually retiring has lifted my spirits considerably. Hubby assures me he'll keep buying that lottery ticket every week. You just never know when Lady Luck will smile . . .


Margaret said...

It sounds like you just need to get through the next few months!! Yay for retirement. (I'm not even close yet though) I would love to see The Artist. Let me know what you think of it!

Donna said...

We thought it would be difficult too, but so far we are loving retirement. We know we may some day have to eat dog food, but the pleasure we are getting right now makes it worth it. One day at a time!

Milly said...

Thanks, Donna - you are one of my role models for retirement! M.