Monday, February 06, 2012


Hubby and I are on the road to better health and happier days, though we still sleep a lot and he's going to the doctor's more frequently. The evil virus took a toll on his meds, requiring a lot of blood draws and initial concern but now things are looking much better. Last week we seemed to have turned a corner.

I finally made it back into the classroom, though I must admit that every day I'm struggling to raise my head from the pillow and unwrap my body from the fluffy quilt. Still the cough is much better, the lungs are decongesting, and one day my tongue may decide to heal (it feels like the virus burned all my taste buds off).

During the December / January viral fight, trees fell on the phone land lines into the house. The DSL line remained intact, so we didn't worry over much about it. AT&T came out Thursday, traced the problem to the lines they claimed were not theirs to fix -- and then Friday called out somebody else -- who traced the broken line back to the central station. So clearly other folks than us were experiencing problems. By noon today everything should be back in working order. Then the promise has come that these lines will be buried. "We thought we had them all," was the explanation, "but clearly we've missed a couple."

Doggies are doing well. We have purchased massive amounts of food from on-line suppliers for them. Gus and Loie are highly pleased with Grandma's Pot Pie and the Mediterranean casseroles rolling out of the huge boxes that have been delivered.

We have taken in several movies that I wanted to see over Christmas but was too sick to attend. The Descendants was interesting, though I had to nudge Hubby several times to keep him from snoring (and it was his choice to see the movie). TinTin was my choice -- and neither of us thought it was very good. I had been excited about the processes used in making it, but I honestly didn't think that the 3-D effects were as good as the effects in Hugo or in Disney's Christmas Carol from last year. At TinTin we locked the keys in the car and it was a chilly, rainy afternoon, not designed for standing outside waiting for help to arrive. We elected to "dine" at the theater -- hot dogs and fries -- while waiting for the locksmith to come and get us back into the car. It was a fast turn-around, though, and we were driving home within 20 minutes of calling for help.

Hubby has been going to the rehab pool to exercise. The "man-who-hates-water-because- he- thinks-he'll-melt-in-the-pool" has been given a prescription to the snazziest pool in the city. He came home from his first session grinning from ear-t0-ear. "The pool is just beautiful and I can move in it!" he exulted. He's now going every other day to work out. I hear the water is bath-tub warm and they make sure he is comfortable and dry before letting him leave the facility.

We still take a lot of naps and go to bed very early. We watch a ton of bad TV and read magazines that have been piling up by the bed throughout the year. Novels just seem too dense at the moment. Hubby's exercising ("Every muscle in my body is sore!") and I'm going to work every day ("I can't wait to retire!"). The pups like all this laying around (Gussie has re-gained a pound! -- on a 20 pound dog that's a lot!). The weather continues to be unseasonably warm with no snow. The car is running and the house still standing. Spring is coming -- though the groundhog says six more weeks of winter. Slowly we are in recovery mode and returning to a normal life.


Donna said...

The light at the end of the tunnel is always sweet, isn't it? You will love retirement. Cliff says almost every day how happy he is to be retired.

Margaret said...

Glad to hear about all the positives, including retirement in the near future!! 7 more years for me--I'm hoping.