Sunday, February 19, 2012

In Praise of Meat -- Omaha Steaks to be Precise!

For several years now we have used Omaha Steaks to send food packages to family members out of state. At one time we used Harry and David, then we switched to Honey Baked Ham, but both these have gotten pretty darned expensive over the years. Two years ago I sent ham and turkey precooked roasts to Mother for Thanksgiving / Christmas and this past Christmas we sent a complete ham dinner to Will's brother-in-law in Washington, D.C.

Which meant, of course, that we continuously got food offers from Omaha Steaks for free shipping or sales deals or coupons for 30% off, all of which we ignored. Hubby has gone off beef, except for hamburgers. His new love is pork chops. We could serve that for dinner seven times a week and he wouldn't be tired of it.

I have always thought how nice it would be to have food just delivered to my door and one day when I won the lottery, I thought I might make my dream come true. But a couple of weeks ago, Omaha Steaks sent me an offer I found irresistible. The offer was for a pile of meat under $100. Of course, I had to add in 12 more pork chops, so I could be eating my steak dinners with a clear conscious while Hubby dined on his beloved chops, which did run the total up to over $100 -- but then I thought, free shipping! That will make it okay. Except when I went to check out the shipping was added.

I had spent enough time on-line deciding the menu, so I bit the bullet and placed the order. But I did drop a note to Omaha Steaks that I was disappointed that I hadn't received free shipping -- and in the next e-mail back, they refunded my shipping costs! Now that's service. We just hoped that the meat would be good.

Within the week a huge (but manageable) case of frozen meat arrived at our door - packed neatly in dry ice. We got two different sets of four steaks each (everything is packed separately in their own boxes). We got 16 boneless pork chops. We got four boneless chicken breasts, eight hot dogs, four huge hamburger steaks, two fillet of sole stuffed with shrimp and crab, and eight strange potato au gratin balls. We also got a cookbook explaining the best procedures for cooking (most meat should be thawed, then broiled or baked for around seven minutes per side).

The meat is delicious, the perfect size, and so easy to cook. It stores easily in the freezer and takes up little room because it's so nicely boxed. We are very pleased. This is a buy we will continue to make: good service, good product, good price. And my dream of having food just delivered to my door has been met. Now if they would only pack it away in the freezer -- oh! and come do the dishes after we've eaten.

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Margaret said...

That worked out perfectly! My husband is the only pork lover in this family, although I do love bacon sometimes. :)