Saturday, January 14, 2012


At the start of this week I was finally beginning to make a real recovery from the head / chest / congestion / virus that afflicted me all during December and into the start of the new year. However, Hubby came down with it -- something I was dreading due to his congestive heart failure.

He's been sick -- but only as sick as the rest of us who have had it. He had better days than some. He spends every other day mostly sleeping through the day until he can't stand being in the house any longer. Then he ventures forth with the doggies, usually to return bathed in sweat in a couple of hours.

On Monday, I actually felt nearly normal. Tuesday was pretty good, too -- but Tuesday night I felt my throat begin to tighten.

We figure Hubby coughed / sneezed into my tuna salad sandwich and sure enough, I got up on Wednesday with a croaking voice and a miserable sore throat.

I've been telling everyone that this round is not nearly as bad as the one in December. But last night the virus proved me a big fat liar. Today my temperature went just over 101. Last night was so bad, I actually prayed that I could make it through the night. Food will not go down. Even swallowing my favorite diet soda is an effort.

I took Thursday and Friday off from school -- and we have Monday as the Martin Luther holiday, but honestly, I'm beginning to be bereft of any hope that I will be healthy before spring rolls around.

One round was really bad. This round just isn't fair. I only got three days of feeling near normal! (whine) But I don't have the energy to complain much. I just want my head to clear out, my throat to stop hurting, my chest to un-congest, and the sweats to go away.

This is about as bad as anything I can ever remember. Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.


Donna said...

I hope you have a fast recovery this time. I'm not going to tell you "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" because somebody pointed out to me that isn't what you want to hear (or read) when you're down.

Margaret said...

People seem to be sicker this year than EVER. I've even had two colds--when last year I had none. (you'd think with all the stress I would have had something!) My brother's family is sick, including his baby. Hope that you are better soon. Get some meds ASAP. (if you can) They might shorten it. I've been using zicam and many friends have recommended EmergenC. Something like that. I intend to try anything. I'm sick of colds!

snugpug said...

Get better soon. Hope the doggies are being good nursies.