Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back in the Grind

Started back to work today -- workshop for the morning and semester grade submission at our high school during the afternoon.

Mostly just B O R I N G. We had one hour of the three this morning that was productive. At least Hubby sent me off with a big mug of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate and breakfast croissant which got me through. Nothing in the afternoon was worth getting out of bed for.

Hubby now has the "virus." He's in the bed moaning and coughing. I've suggested the doctor but that fell on the deaf ears.

A small heater has been acquired for the computer room. Last year our little floor heater burned out and Hubby refused to purchase a new one until he could find the exact model he had in mind. Meanwhile I have shivered with frozen fingers and toes and honestly, mostly just stayed away from the computer because I would get so chilled sitting stationary in that back room. But a day ago a little heater finally showed up and Hubby placed it for maximum warmth output. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow school begins in earnest. I bet the kids will be glad to be back.

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Margaret said...

So glad that you can be cozy now in that back room! And it's your last semester of WORK. (I'm jealous)