Saturday, December 11, 2010


The weather is frigid with high winds which drives the wind chill below zero degrees. The boys think they want to go out but when their paws hit the concrete they plead to be allowed back inside.

Yesterday I enrolled for the spring semester at Pitt State: six graduate hours in functional learning needs and even worse, elementary adaptive learning. Fifteen hundred dollars in tuition and $200 for books. But I need these six hours to complete my SPED certification, even if I'll never teach functional kids in an elementary setting.

Hubby and I completed the Christmas shopping -- on-line today. We had plans to go the the luxury shopping mall at Crown Center and then have dinner at the famous Benton's Chop House there. But when I called yesterday for dinner reservations I learned that Benton's is booked solid every weekend until Christmas. So much for people feeling the recession. Dinner at Benton's is always over $50 a person but we had gotten a Groupon Coupon for $60 for which we paid $30.

Anyway, with no reservations, we decided to do the Crown Center shops but at noon -- and when we got to Crown Center the parking garage was completely full and folks were being required to park across the street and walk around in the cold. We had the boys with us so we elected to turn around and go home, where we left the boys, went to the local movie theater after eating a Chinese lunch.

On-line we ordered Kansas City barbecue for the Washington, DC relatives and I finished up my Christmas shopping for Hubby. I also ordered flowers for Mother in Colorado (at Thanksgiving she got the ham and turkey meal). Then we brewed a pot of tea, snuggled under the quilts, and watched cable movies. Cocooning can be quite a pleasant experience as long as the electricity works, the heat is on, the TV isn't showing reruns, and the books are in plentiful supply.

Seven more teaching days left in the year. No presents left to purchase. Grad school is now only nine hours from completion -- and six of those hours are committed. Hubby and I have completed arrangements for the ceremony on Tuesday (which, quite frankly I'm dreading) though I still have to choose an appropriate outfit to wear. My invitational letter from the district arrived in the mail today. I've given up on Christmas cards for the first time in 30 years. We are warm and safe and comfortable. Preparations are almost complete.


Donna said...

Ah, Milly. You two know how to live life to the fullest. My wish for you is that your life might get a little easier so you'll have more time to enjoy the finer things.

Margaret said...

There is so much to be said about being cozy and comfortable! You've done what you need to do for the holidays, now it's time to relax and enjoy.