Friday, December 10, 2010


It's the next to last Friday in the year for teaching. When I got up this morning I donned my required Wyandotte tee with the Friday-allowed jeans but under it I put on the very old turtleneck printed with candy canes, ornaments, and stars. Layered on top was my lighted ornament necklace and the beads made from real Christmas tree light bulbs. On my ears hung huge Christmas lights -- one in green and one in red.

This morning I had metal detector duty. The social hall, where the detectors are located, was strung with lighted garlands. The marble fireplaces were blazing with aromatic logs on both ends of the hall. The jazz band was playing carols next to the huge decorated tree in the middle of hall.

Standing there lit up like the Christmas tree, every kid I knew came by and gave me a big hug.

It was a happy morning. I came upstairs wreathed in smiles, humming Christmas tunes, with a little extra lilt in my step. There's nothing like a little holiday cheer.

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Margaret said...

Holiday cheer is great; I need some of that!!