Saturday, August 28, 2010

Put Your Paws Together Please

A little boy in Singapore is having surgery today on his paw -- and his parents are very worried. Please send them good vibrations and hold them in your hearts.
They have had much dog heartache in the past - and like me, they hold their dogs as their children.

Good luck, Roop! We are all pulling for you.


Margaret said...

Hoping for the best!!

snugpug said...

Oh, bless you, Milly for thinking of us. I hadn't been online since the weekend, and hadn't been checking in here.

And thank you, Margaret, for your good thoughts.

Post-surgery, Rupert is doing fine. The site has healed very well, and it is like nothing ever happened.

We now having a waiting period of 7-10 days for the biopsy results. That's probably the hardest bit.

Again, very touched and thankful for all your good wishes.