Sunday, August 15, 2010

One of the Many Reasons My Marriage Works

After 37 years of togetherness,
this is what a wife does on her weekend to keep her husband happy

(and he didn't snore once -- and his verdict at the end: G R E A T!)

You really don't want to know what I thought of the movie -- and it was too loud to sleep through, darn it.


Margaret said...

Sly is looking GOOD. You are a wonderful wife. My husband and I don't share the same taste in movies except for a few classics that we both love--Remember the Titans, Ice Age, Forest gump, Field of dreams, etc...And he hates to go to the movie theater which makes it hard. That's why I borrowed my nephew to go see Toy Story 3.

Donna said...

I encourage my husband to buy old worn-out tractors to keep him happy. Different strokes for different folks, right?