Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too Fat

So Kevin Smith suffers the fate that every fat person, including me, dreads when he is bumped off a Southwest Airline Flight. He's too fat to fly -- without purchasing two seats.

I can still get the arm rest down. I can still buckle the seat belt -- though I can't see over the boobs to exactly see the seat belt I'm buckling. If I suck it in, it will buckle. Hubby has the same problem. Except he doesn't have the boobs. He has the gut -- and huge shoulders -- but no hips. I've the hips but not the shoulders. We both have to squidge our shoulders tight to make sure we don't overlap our seats -- and infringe on our neighbors. Flying in today's aircraft is misery for the fat person.

We have the same problem at the symphony -- old theater, too small seats. We don't have the problem as much in a movie theater -- those seats are big enough to accommodate a bit of bulk. The recital hall where we go to hear monthly concerts is okay, too -- not roomy but not all squishy either. We can manage -- by overlapping each other and putting Hubby on the aisle.

The response I would like to make about this uproar on fat people in too small seats has been much better said by Kate Harding at Salon. Go read her article: Kevin Smith: the face of flying fat.

Amen, sister!

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Margaret said...

As a small person, I still have trouble getting comfortable in those seats. They aren't built for normal size people at all!!