Monday, February 15, 2010

Another One is Gone

Dick Francis died at age 89 today. Salinger, Parker, Francis all gone this year.
Okay. I won't actively miss Salinger. Frankly, I didn't get Catcher. But I did teach it because some of my kids did get it. Especially the boys.
But Francis and Parker brought me great entertainment and delight. I shall miss them incredibly.

I know that many thought that Francis didn't write his novels, at least alone. But regardless, my mother-in-law introduced me to him in the 1970's and I've read ALL his mysteries -- sometimes twice. Once summer I read them in chronological order.
The same for Parker. I've read all three series, and even the Raymond Chandler addition -- and loved every one. None as much as the Spenser series, but in dark times, in depression, in the times when I've needed escape dreadfully, nothing could replace a good Parker novel.
I shall miss the good times these authors brought into my life.

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Margaret said...

Francis was another one of my absolute favorites.I know he was old, but I wanted him to keep writing forever! I don't care about horses, but I loved his books. He actually co-wrote many of his books, especially his later ones with his wife Mary and when she died, his son Felix. I don't really care though because I thought they were excellent. Good books and good friends.